Christopher Barron is President of Right Turn Strategies. Before founding RTS, he was Director of Communications at Van Scoyoc Associates, served as the Director of Communications Practice at McDonald Hopkins Government Strategies, was President of CapSouth Consulting – a full-service communications firm – and was the co-founder and Chairman of the Board of GOProud. During the most recent campaign cycle, Barron was a media surrogate for the Trump campaign and the organizer of LGBT for Trump. 

Barron is a contributor to The Hill and The Guardian, is a regular on the Kennedy Show on the FOX Business Channel, and was a previous contributor to Breitbart News and the Daily Caller.  




Right Turn Strategies offers a unique blend of experience and expertise both inside and outside of the federal government.  Our team’s knowledge of how Washington works from both sides of the table enables us to offer our clients an unparalleled level of representation and strategic advocacy and consulting service.

Whether to further a federal agenda or as a more traditional, standalone public relations endeavor, our team understands the power of an effective strategic communications strategy.

Within our communications practice we offer a variety of services including traditional public relations, marketing support and brand development, media training, and crisis management.  As a result, we are fluent in crafting both proactive and reactive strategies. We understand that some clients seek us out to raise their profiles- or that of their business- while others have come to us in an effort to stay “under the radar.” 

Experienced in both paradigms, we quickly assess the situation, and craft and execute a plan to further our client’s objective.  

More often than not, the most important component of a successful strategy is getting the messaging right for the targeted audience. In today’s world, this might mean crafting multiple, nuanced messages to reach different audiences. Right Turn Strategies team prides itself on the attention we pay to get this right. Where others might craft both a “Democratic message” and a “Republican message” or a “rural” and “urban” strategy, we believe this is a gross oversimplification of the world in which we are operating. Similarly, there are a multitude of media outlets that require slightly different approaches.  By microframing and targeting your message, we help to distinguish your voice so that it will stand out in a crowd. We are thus able to create, and continuously refine and disseminate, your messaging to create the atmosphere most favorable to your strategic goals. 

We also recognize the importance of maximizing all media platforms – from the traditional to the cutting edge - and have a unique understanding of the how today’s complex and balkanized media works.


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